Adtech Malaysia



The exterior of many modern day consumer electrical and electronics products are made of plastic. It is usually finished with a highly glossy surface or textured surface. Either of these surfaces is extremely delicate that can be easily scratched and attract dirt from the environment. Further to that, it can also be damaged during the handing process. Hence it is important to give these surfaces a layer of protection.

Adtech offers a wide range of protective tapes that are catered to these needs, from very low to high adhesion.

Be it be LCD/LED/Plasma TV cover, printer cover, washing machine cover, air-conditioner front panel, speaker casing, laptop casing, mobile screens and vacuum parts, our range of protection tape will protect your surfaces to its original state after they are injected.

Our tapes can be easily applied and removed on nameplates that are subject to silk screen printing, punching or even die cutting.

Our tapes can also be easily saw or laser cut during CNC fabrication process while protecting your valuable surface.